Friday, May 29, 2015

Sail4All Scorpion session - 30 May 1 - 4pm


Sue has reminded me that we have talked about having a scorpion session tomorrow; and I have not reminded anyone or promoted it - so who's going to be there (please reply and let us all know)?

I think the original plan was to mix us up a bit and get our better pairs to help our less experienced sailors. We can of course do anything we choose based on who turns up...

Monday evenings is also proving to be a good Scorpion night, with half the fleet competing being Scorpions and I would suggest that it is an excellent evening to come down and sail and get tips from each other. Not only that, but Jock is out in a RIB and giving some on-water advice to those that want it - he got us pointing higher and sailing faster upwind and confirmed we had the spinnaker set ok downwind last week!



Wednesday, May 13, 2015

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Scorpion Sail & Social - Fri 15 May

Just a reminder that we talked about meeting up this Friday for a bit of a social sail - maybe swapping crews and helms to share some experience and a chat about how to make our boats go better.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Plans for the season (AKA some of what we talked about on Friday eve)

Well, first up we realised that our fleet has grown to 12 boats ready to sail at CCSC and could increase yet further this season (we just need to persuade Simon Hiscocks to join the club again now he has a Ozone Friendly, look forward to the possibility of John Mursell moving back to the area and persuading Mark Wildman & Richard White to getting their boats seaworthy and sailing again).

Last season saw the arrival of Orinoco (Debbie Bowers) and Pretty Woman (briefly Debbie then James & Leigh) and finally Sting in the Tail (James and Leigh).

Next we realised that we need to welcome David Waugh to our happy family and hope to see Maria sailing again soon.

CCSC ScorpionsSail NoHelmRegular Crew
Cartouche1893Katharine Dutton
Sting in the Tail892James BishopLeigh Bishop
Orinoco1923Debbie Bowers
Ice on Fire1939Rob SmithSarah Pank
Just Crackers1892Alison StephensChris Forrest
Popsy1852Sandra SmithKate Gurner
Pure Joss1954Toby MardenVanessa Marden
Rincewind1894Richard Paley
Snap, shackle & plop2020John Mursell
Storm1980Jock FellowsAndrea Fellows
The Poacher1635Ian GreenJackie Green
Zaphod1828Richard BurdettJane Burdett
Maria1758David Waugh

Boats in the Fleet needing extra TLC
CCSC ScorpionsSail NoHelmRegular Crew
Fiasco1620Adam Bowers
Lady Jane 799Richard Bowers
Tangaroa1646Richard White
Wildboyz1026Mark Wildman
After much more chat and merriment we got down to when we want to concentrate our sailing to get good class racing - Monday evenings were generally preferred over Wednesdays, so let's all try to make the effort on a Monday. 

Rob & Sandra are going to look at the Scorpion Trophies and explain to us what they are awarded for and how we can win them!

We all agreed that it would be good to have a TRY A SCORPION day and are going to join in with the club open day on 9th May with a rigging session in the morning (open to all) and invite visitors and other members looking to change boats to come and take a look and go for a sail in the afternoon. (We need everyone to help with this!)

Scorpion Sail & Social - Fri 15 May
Another get together for a bit of an evening sail, maybe swapping crews and ideas about how to get your boat working better with a chat and a beer afterwards.

Scorpion Training - Saturday 30 May
Training may be over-stating it a bit, but we thought that having an afternoon coinciding with the first Sail4All session would allow us to concentrate on some sailing things that we find tricky - you tell us what you want to learn or improve on and that's what we will help you with.

Scorpion Nationals 2015 
We talked about the Nationals which is a Lyme this year - so a pretty short distance away and we are hoping to get a good turn-out from Castle Cove with more experienced fleet members really keen to help and support those new to the fleet to participate both beforehand and during the event.

CCSC Scorpion Open October 2015
At the end of the summer we are hosting a Scorpion Open at the club and hope to get a full turn-out for the event. We want to help everyone to join in, whether building the confidence to have a go, tuning your boat to make it sail well or ensuring you have a crew or helm for the event.

See you all on the 9th May at 10am ready to have your rig tweaked :)



Sunday, March 29, 2015

Scorpion Class Pre-Season Get-Together Friday 17 April 2015 19:30

Bring a take-away, bar will be open and let's talk Scorps.

Open invite to anyone interested in sailing a Scorpion at Castle Cove (whether you have a boat at the club or not).
Come along if you are  thinking of getting a Scorpion or just want to join in helming or crewing.

Or if you just want to come along!

Friday 17 April 2015 19:30

Agenda (kind-of):
* Are we all here & who's missing?

* How are all our boats and are they at the club yet?
    - Anyone want at rigging session?

* How can we make the Scorpion the best Class to sail at CCSC?
    - What do you want from a good class?
    - Best evening / series / Cup Races to target?
    - Try a Scorpion Afternoon?
    - Scorpion training / coaching?
    - Help the beginners / newbies?
    - What Scorpion trophies are up for grabs?

* Open Day / Push the boat out on Sat 9th May
    - What are we going to do to help & promote the Scorpion Class?

* Nationals in Lyme Regis
    - Who's definitely going?
    - What can we do to help encourage those who are not decided yet?

* Anything else?

* Next Get-together

Thursday, November 20, 2014

CCSC Scorpions at Poole

Poole end of season Scorpion Open
Although the forecast was getting less appealing as the preceding week progressed, it was great to have 3 CCSC Scorpions attending an open meeting,  thanks partly to ease of a short drive to Poole  YC, and encouragement from the currently very re-enthused class association.

It would be easy to blame the conditions for none of us troubling the eventual results sheet in a big way, especially as the breeze was sub 5knts for much of the time, occasionally dropping to ‘are we moving?’ levels, and helped by quite a bit of rain and chilly grey conditions. However – reasonably familiar faces were at the top of the list despite conditions (inc 3 time National champion Tom Jeffcoate back in fleet),  and only Alex (Knightly) and Andrea ground out half decent scores to put them just in top ten.  Sandra & I spent the weekend hoping for just one perfect tack,  or maybe a few half good ones!(always a challenge when forward motion is negligible),  and James and Leigh did a good job at their first Scorp event - of trying to stay in contact with the fleet regulars and generally newer equipment. All without a watch on day 1 (are they all on your Laser boom James?), and having needed ‘BLT’ (Bishop Land Team – not bacon lettuce tomato!) to swing into action for the forgotten kite pole!

No need to study them in too much detail  – but report, results and photos at:-